We’re proud to hold internationally recognised ISO certifications awarded by Telarc, a New Zealand business providing auditing services focusing on business improvement and compliance.

We hold these certifications because of our ongoing commitment to quality, accountability and sustainability. We are audited annually.

Transport and logistic companies with ISO 9001 certification can prove they are able to consistently deliver high quality services to their customers while keeping costs under control. ISO 9001 2015 quality management systems (QMS) is designed to accelerate business performance through compliance and continual improvements with international quality standards.

This certification standard provides a clear framework for establishing security management systems that are designed to keep employees safe. Everything from vehicle standards, speed, fatigue, and countless other factors are accounted for through this standard and continuously monitored.

In a world that’s becoming more and more concerned with its environmental impact, being aware of your carbon footprint and trying to minimise it is crucial. ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our business cares about the environment and the future.