FreightWorks NZ Limited

Introducing Our New Customer Experience Platform

A Modern Digital Experience To Help You Plan, Manage And Optimize Your Supply Chain.

Experience A More Visible Supply Chain

Real-Time Visibility

On-Demand Reporting

Automatic Notifications

Personalised Support

Command Center Dashboard

Our easy-to-use customer platform now gives you real-time visibility into all your shipments, in one centralized location.

You’ll have on-demand visibility into your shipments and containers, anytime, seven days a week.

FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking Dashboard
FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking Insights

Shipment Visibility Done Right

Quickly find everything you need to know about your shipment all in one place. Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more.

Zero To Shipment Status In 30 Seconds

Quick search so you can quickly find ETAs, ETDs. On demand 24/7, without logging in.

FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking
FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking

Shipment Explorer

Leverage this interactive explorer to get fast and easy access to the status of all your shipments — past and present.

Customize the view with powerful filtering and sorting to surface the shipments and information you care about.

Live Vessel Tracking

Get timely up-to-date ETAs to the next port of call, directly from the ship’s captain, while the ship is traveling across the ocean between ports.

You will have all the information you need in one place.

FreightWorks NZ Limited, Vessel Tracking
FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Insights

Visualise Your Shipments

Optimise your supply chain by mode of transport, cost, volume and weight, with detailed, easy-to-use reporting.

Documents Centralised

You can upload, download and get quick access to all documents related to a shipment.

FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking
FreightWorks NZ Limited, Shipment Tracking Invoicing

Invoice Management

All your invoices in one place. Preview and download. See a breakdown of charges. And quickly find invoices by due date and payment status.

Alerts & Notifications

Instantly Know Of Status Changes

Never be caught off-guard again, and keep everyone informed with the latest information.

Seamless Customs Declaration

Fast, Smooth Customs Clearance

View documents, status updates, and more to get your goods across the finish line to their final destination.