April 23 2023 Customer Advisory Notice

April 23, 2023

NZ Local Update

Ports of Auckland and Tauranga have begun to transition back to regular scheduled berth windows for arriving vessel. Unfortunately, with the reinstatement of berth windows will come a strict capping of lifts on vessels for offloading import containers and reloading export and empty containers for evacuation. Empty dehire yards appear to be improving but still nowhere near back to “normal” with bookings coming available at Auckland depots for dehire acceptance, though many of these are days in advance.

Trucking companies are still requiring 72 hours’ notice for empty container uplift in order to secure a timeslot and they advise they are working through the backlog of containers that have been stored due to the inability to return. CFS unpack times for LCL containers have improved with reported times now down to 2 – 4 days.

FreightWorks has evaluated the FAF being charged to us by our carriers as of the 1st to 31st May 2023 and FAF rate will remain at 16%. This will be re-evaluated monthly.

Asia Market Update

Currently in the Asia to NZ trade, lines still appear to believe lowering rates is the only option to keep up their load performance with a slower than expected post Chinese New Year recovery.

May rates have again continued to trend downwards across most lines though the level of reductions has begun to slow though space is still available. We expect lines will soon be approaching their operational costs if they aren’t already there for running vessels ex Asia to New Zealand and decreases may begin to slow though some lines appear to be doing a final grab to secure as much business as possible.

Feedback from lines is they are expecting to try and introduce a “traditional” peak season increase around July though the uptake on this will largely be determined by how full their boats are. 28th April 2023

Europe Market Update

National strikes and protest in France over the increase in retirement age continue to cause major disruption. Shipping lines are offering rates and services ex Europe with rates also on a downward trend, however blank sailings are coming into effect more often as rate levels drop and demand deteriorates on the Europe to Asia legs.

We are seeing an improvement on tranship connections though Southeast Asia but there can still be delays particularly for cargo destined for Auckland due to lift restrictions imposed by the ports of Auckland. BMSB season is starting to wind down with cargo arriving into New Zealand after 30 April no longer requiring BMSB treatment. New 2023 – 2024 season is set to begin from 01 September 2023.

USA / Canada Market Update

Weekly operations between West Coast USA and Auckland are set to resume from May following the reintroduction of berth windows in Auckland.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) said in a press release a tentative agreement had been reached on “certain key issues” with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), but negotiations are still ongoing. “Talks are continuing on an ongoing basis until an agreement is reached.”

Australia Update

Cosco and OOCL have announced the introduction of a new trans-Tasman service (ANE/ANS) connecting Auckland to Bell Bay, Melbourne and Sydney.

First voyage of vessel Contship Yen is expected to depart mid-May on a fortnightly schedule rotation. This service will add additional capacity that was lost due to the withdrawal of service by FOCUS Line in March.

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